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As Indian consumers started increasingly shifting to digital mobile has been their preferred medium for accessing digital content and services. Consumers love digital ads more now. A reason why digital advertising, especially on mobile, is on the rise is because consumers are more respective to it.

The report also observes that ads on social networking and mobile are seen the most in terms of digital advertising. However, what is interesting is how industry sectors beyond those whose mainstay is digital are going guns blazing with digital ad spends and the role of mobile as a center place to everything digital in the country.

According to the “Digital Advertising in India” report, jointly published by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International, the digital advertising market in India that was pegged at INR 5,200 crore at the end of December 2015, is projected to reach INR 7,044 crore by the end of December 2016 at a CAGR of 35 per cent.

Revenue in the “Digital Advertising” market in India amounts to US$1,492 m in 2017. US$2,040 m of total revenue in the “Digital Advertising” market will be generated through mobile in 2021. Banner Advertising, Video Advertising, Search Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Classifieds etc are the key area in Digital Advertising.

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From article of Martin Panayotov ( ), he puts some basic idea of Digital Advertising Startup. Quoting the niche texts, “Offer more value – add more to what you offer, extend to other media. If you already have a rich database and you don’t have a mobile App, you might want to launch an iPhone/iPad and Android one and present your data in a mobile-friendly way. By doing that you will please your users in the smart phone age and you will offer even more value to your advertisers. With the right marketing and clever App Store SEO you will attract even more users. If you are in a complicated industry and you need to educate your users, you may want to publish your knowledge.” He is also giving ‘Some ideas and suggestion’. “Create and publish e-books : Publish your digital book on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. You can also create smaller PDF e-books and offer them on your website for free with registration.” Create and iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows Mobile App, create a mobile website, Webinars & Hangouts – This is hot right now. Organizing events like that will further help you with the conversions and will help you connect with people in the industry.

Keep in mind that a self-sustaining Startup costs a lot more than one that does not generate any revenue if you decide to sell it. So, considering all possible aspects, it is wise decision to first build your App (IAP v2.0) & mobile website (HTML5) listing in marketplace also add an own local search engine to step forward.

The basic thing is revenue generating. No revenue no business sense, reversely no idea will survive if there is no sustainable revenue. In Indian context, where unemployment, low income is a big barrier of growth in any business and especially most of the ideas are gawk and gauche; only skill development programme cannot bring money if it cannot make the level playing field in sense of sustainable earnings. Before starting any Startup, I strongly believe that gauge first all parameter which are essentials in all rooms.

You have handkerchief in your hand, now you have to learn the magic to convert the handkerchief into cat. So, my suggestion first to you, start making either App or Mobile website to monetize. There are few companies who offer of making free App or Mobile website without coding knowledge require, but there is a minor problem, those are not eligible to upload in marketplace like Google Play, iTunes etc. Google Play will ask to pay US$25 as a registration charge in their developer console, and most of the Digital Advertising platform for publishers ask to submit your Google Play/iTunes URL of your App to finish the proceedings of a publisher account.

Don’t be disappointed because there are other players in the market who do not bother about Google Play URL of your App.

First you make either App or Mobile website free signing up HERE (App) and HERE (Mobile Website) in any topic then publish. When you are satisfied with your new born Startup App or Mobile website then Signup HERE to monetize your App or Mobile website following the easy instructions.

Before jumping in big venture, earn handful money and also learn about the native market’s nature and its demands. Usually demands are three types – Short, Mid and Long Term demand. You set your business plan in orientation of what kind of demand you ought to serve towards native customers flawless without depending of Angel Fund. Remember, never clone other Startup. McCoy should be your business philosophy. 

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There are lots of thinking, but few convert into business. Here I am trying to give you basic idea before going to dive in Digital India revolution. Earn some handful money learn from the market trend....
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